Retired Senior Pastors

Our Retired Pastors James and Priscilla Solomon

Pastors James & Priscilla Solomon

Pastors James & Priscilla Solomon

Retired Senior Pastors, Living Waters Chapel

Jim Solomon has spent his entire life under the powerful influence of the Word. His father, who pastored for many years, preached and practiced the uncompromising Word of God. Jim's ministry brings a rich heritage of faith and holiness to the pulpit, revealing Jesus as God's answer for hurting people. He presents a balanced insight into God's Word that meets today's need for a practical application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The simplicity of the Word of God, meeting complicated problems, is the centerpiece of his ministry. An uncomplicated approach to God's Word, speaking to every area of the Christian's life, describes his concept of ministry.

People's lives are changed through his ministry, as Jesus, through the preached Word and ministry of the Holy Spirit, releases the awesome reality of His presence in their hearts. Jim and his wife Priscilla are the retired senior pastors of Living Waters Chapel, a Charismatic-Full Gospel church in Caro, Michigan. Having started in a converted dog kennel in 1978, they now worship in a beautiful sanctuary completed in February, 1990. He was the first, and only pastor of this church up until his retirement in September 2015, bringing it from an infant ministry to a living, vibrant, and productive ministry to the surrounding community and in world missions. For over 37 years, Jim Solomon's ministry has always been Word centered, Holy Spirit anointed, and has resulted in a fresh and new excitement in people as they come to know Jesus and His miracle working power. His ministry started in 1967 while serving on a US Navy aircraft carrier in a lay-pastoral capacity and assisting his ship's chaplain. Following his naval enlistment he continued his ministry in serving in a pastoral staff capacity and attended college. In 1972 Jim, along with his wife and child, served in traveling ministry throughout the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana districts of his denomination. Jim was ordained in 1974 with the Pentecostal Church of God of America and was associated and in fellowship with, Calvary Ministries International, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. They returned to pastoral ministry and began serving at LWC in 1978, and Jim continued his college education. They continued to serve in full-time pastoral ministry until their retirement in 2015.

Jim and Priscilla are blessed with two children, Wendy and Joel.

 --Pastor James Solomon


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